Friday, August 12, 2011

My First Love Story

This love story is about a girl name ji yeon. She is just a simple girl, not beautiful like other girls at her school. She was 17 years old girl that will graduate for this year. She has a dream which is, she wants to become a great and professional “fashion designer”.
 (only illustration)

 Ji yeon character is friendly, naughty and she always think that everyone at her school doesn’t like her especially in her class but she is a good friend that will always care about other’s feeling and when she hurt her friend feeling she will feel guilty like want to die. She will always smile even she has a big problem and she doesn’t like to share her problem with her friend. She also had a weird characteristic that is when ji yeon feel sad she will smile and when she is happy she will smile with sadness on her face. Ji yeon also will easily crush over someone but not for a long time, she just fall in love with the person and then forget them if she see something bad about the person that she crush of but, if she really love the person she will love until forever and the bad thing is Ji yeon is always keep her feeling without tell the person, then she will regret and feel stupid because of her behaviour when thinking about it.

This love story is begin like this, at the first year of her secondary school she make a lot of friend. One day she meet a boy with a good looking and she fall in love with that boy for first time see the boy.
                                                           (Only illustration)
Day by day, she decided to investigate about the boy and she find out the boy name, his name is Taemin. Then she decided not to tell about her feeling toward Taemin so she kept her feeling and decided just want to be friend with Taemin. She always send letter to Taemin, and that make ji yeon feel so happy because Taemin is replying her letter. Their relations become good and good day by day.One day; she wrote again a letter and asks Taemin to meet in front of computer laboratory.
                         Can we meet at the in front computer laboratory?
                          Tomorrow morning
                          I’ll wait you there… J

Ji yeon come early in the morning to go to school because she need to go additional class for mathematics and want to search some book for school work and for reading time at library.
On the way to get back to their class after done with mathematics additional class and search book at library, Ji yeon feel shock because she never expect that Taemin will come to meet her when she told to meet her today. She became red as red as red tomatoes or apple maybe. Her friends feel happy for her then they bring Taemin to their class and Ji yeon go to toilet, because she was too shy to meet Taemin. After 20 minutes pass, Ji yeon friend name IU force him to enter the class then Ji yeon decided want to enter to their class but she want to walk beside IU all the time until Taemin go back. Then they enter the class, with red face Ji yeon go to the back sit because Taemin is sit at her chair. There is no conversation between Ji yeon and Taemin so they just sit and IU make a story and talk with Taemin so that they will not feel too awkward.

Suddenly, on Ji yeon desk Taemin found a picture of her, then he ask “who is this beautiful person with long and straight hair? “   
                                                                      (Only illustration)

And Ji Yeon thinks deeply and remembers who is the girl with long and straight hair. Then she remembers it, that picture is their picture that taken by their teacher, Mr kyu during their mathematics additional class last Saturday. The person that Taemin mean is……………..Ji yeon!!!! She became red again like before, she wants to go out from the class because she feels really shy. She slowly walks to the door but her friend IU, Hyun A, Seonhwa and Suzy stop her way. They make fun of them, they leave Ji Yeon and Taemin at the class then they laugh. It’s almost 10am but Ji Yeon and Taemin still like that silent without say anything and Ji Yeon know that it’s time to Taemin  to go back because he need to prepare his self for school today and he need to go back home. Now Ji yeon feel good after Taemin go home and she also feels guilty because she asks Taemin to meet her, but she did not even talk to him. She really feels sad of her attitude and guilty to Taemin.

She receives again letter from Taemin after 1 month from the day when Ji Yeon want to meet Taemin.
                                          I hope you will not mad at me when you read this letter,
                                         But I just want to say that stop sending me letter,
                                         Because of you I failed on
                                         mid exam,                                                          
                                         I’m so sorry for saying this but and don’t know how to say to 
                                          I hope we still can be friend.

After she gets the letter, she feels so guilty and so sad. Ji yeon stop sending a letter to Taemin but she did not stop loving Taemin. Day by day pass, they through the day and it are almost the end of the year for the first year for being secondary school student and they need to prepare their farewell party.

The day of the farewell party, Ji yeon want to have some photos with Taemin so she get help from  her friend that same class with Taemin, then they take a picture together after the farewell party. Taemin class also have a farewell party. The year-end just like that, Ji yeon still did not tell Taemin about her feeling.

(Only illustration)

Ji yeon is having a holiday. She works during her holiday so that she will have money when school is open. At her works she always crushes with the customer but she only want to play around. She only love Taemin and she also always text Taemin during holiday. Their relation as friend becomes good and good as usual.

To be continued~

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