Friday, February 17, 2012

Give Me Smile by Jung Yong Hwa [Heartsring OST]

Smile, don't be sad
It's going to be all right
Don't cry anymore
The song that i'm singing now
I hope it can comfort you a little

Smile, don't just feel pain
It's all right, even the entire world send hardship on your way
As time passes you will understand everything

Smile, look aren't I by your side
I love you, Can you hear my heart
No matter what others say
Aren't we together?

Smile, look right into my eyes
I love you, this heart that loves you
Won't change, just lean on my shoulder
Just take a break

I who believes in you
Will always be here by your side!


thank you!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

22 Reason : Why Girls Like Guys???

1) They always wear your favorite cologne
(Which happens to be the one you bought them for their birthday).
2) The way they run their fingers through your hair.
3) That look they give you that makes you just want to die then and there.
4) The way they kiss away your tears.
5) The way they get mad when they can't make your problem go away.
6) The way they show off around their friends, even though you know you
would love if he missed a basket or two.
7) The way they make it their personal mission to ensure that you are never cold.
8) That confused look they get on their faces when you are mad at them---Guaranteed to make your heart melt and the anger fade away.
9) The way they always let you win any games you play together.
10) ......And when you point this out to them they pretend not to know what you are talking about.
11) That smile they flash that can make  your stomach drop to your feet.
12) The way they call for apologize after you had a big fight.
13) The way they hold and touch you so gently, as if they are afraid they will break you.
14) The way they say, "I Love You".
15) The way they would die before saying, "I Love You" in front of their friends.
16) The way they kiss you.
17) The way they hold you when you are crying.
18) The way they think they are your big protector.
19) The way they say, "I Miss You", even though they hate to admit it.
20) The way you miss everything about them when they are gone.
21) The way they comfort you when you have a bad day.
22) The way they write you love letters even if they think it's uncool.

Regardless of wether you love them, hate them, wish they would die or know that you would die without them.... it matters not. Because once they enter your life, whatever you were to the world they become everything to you. When you look them in eyes, travelling to the depths of their souls and you say a million things without even speaking, you know that your own life is consumed by their love. We love them for a million reasons; it is a thing, an indescribable feeling.

Credit : Chicken soup for the teenage soul III

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My First Love story- Part 2

After a long day holiday, Ji yeon and her friend will begin their second semester. All of them feel so happy because they will meet their entire friend soon when the school is open. They hope they will have a good, happy and great time during their second semester.

First day of their second semester they meet new friend named Yuri. Yuri was transferred from London because of their family business. Yuri born from a rich family.

Day by day, Ji Yeon, Hyun A ,Suzy and Seonhwa become a good friend with Yuri . IU doesn’t like Yuri because she doesn’t like rich people. For her rich people are bad people. But even she hates Yuri she still be friend with Ji Yeon, Hyun A, Seonhwa and suzy.

One week after second semester begin Taemin still absent.

IU : I didn’t saw Taemin.
Seonhwa : yeah me too..
Suzy: Maybe he is sick..
Ji Yeon : Maybe?? L
Yuri: Who is Taemin??

Hyun A : Taemin is the most handsome and popular guy in this school. He also kind and gentle with Everyone… Every student in this school really like Taemin evens he born from poor family. All of our teacher really love Taemin ..

Suzy: And of course all of the girl in this school love him too.. Right ji yeon?
Yuri : Really … wow ! Awesome I like to know Taemin more!
Suzy : huh really?? What do think Ji Yeon?
Ji Yeon: ( Silent and thinking)
Suzy : Ji yeon? Ji yeon!
Ji Yeon : huh … why?
Suzy : What do you think about Taemin.. He’s cute right?
Ji Yeon : hummmm…yes!^^.. yaaaaaaahhhhh …Why me? Haiszzz
Suzy, Hyun A, IU, and seonhwa : (Laugh together)
Yuri : huh? Why?
Seonhwa : (smile) nothing..
Yuri: ……..

Second week of school day…

Finally after a long time missing Taemin come to school. All of student that same clas with Taemin come toward Taemin and ask a lot of question. Then Taemin give a short answer “ My mom sick and I need to take care of her” Everyone in the class become silent and Taemin know that all of his friends care of him. That makes Taemin become happy and more exuberant.

During recess When Ji yeon and her friend go to School canteen, she saw a figure that she really know and she really miss and the person that she saw is TAEMIN!

Seonhwa : eh! That was Taemin right?
IU : Yeh! That was him .. JI YEON!!!!!!
Ji yeon : yeah I saw him .. J
Suzy : Feel happy now?
Ji Yeon : yeah.. J
Yuri : so, that was Taemin ah..

Yuri leave Ji yeon and her friend and walk toward Taemin. While Ji yeon and her friend go to the bathroom.

Yuri : hi Taemin. Nice to meet you. I’m Yuri.
Taemin : oh! Hi.. nice to meet you too.. Hum?? New Student???
Yuri : yeah… I was transferred from London.
Taemin : oh I see..

From the day that Yuri meet Taemin she fall in love with him. Every day she will ask Taemin to meet but Taemin ignore her and give a lot of excuse. But Yuri never gives up.

Day by day. Yuri keeps following where ever Taemin go and whatever Taemin do. Because of that Ji Yeon feels Jealous when saw Yuri always with Taemin. Her friend notice that Ji Yeon had change because of Yuri . Ji Yeon always go home alone and at school she always silent. She only talk when teacher or her friends ask her a question. Taemin also notice the changing in Ji Yeon behaviour.

One day, he ask Ji Yeon to meet. But Ji yeon didn’t come. He send a text to Ji yeon but she didn’t reply. And it make Taemin feel guilty because he had send a letter that can make ji yeon hurt last semester. And he think maybe Ji Yeon mad of him because of the letter.
Suddenly at school, he try to talk with Ji yeon and Ji yeon give a good respon.

Taemin : you mad at me?
Ji Yeon : no. Why?
Taemin : you’ve change a lot.
Ji Yeon : Do i? hummm don’t mind me. I Just a little bit busy lately. Oh the bell is ringing and I need To meet Miss lizzy. Hope to see you again.  Bye. Remember I’m just busy! J
Taemin :  Oh! Hem ok... see you again... hum again?? J Bye.

(With relief Taemin go back to class. And for Ji yeon that was the best moment in her life.)

Day pass by time and they gonna have a summer holiday.
For Ji Yeon this holiday she will work so that she has money for her school and same goes to Taemin and Ji Yeon friend.

This summer holiday is the different holiday that Taemin ever had. Because, Yuri always come to Taemin place where Taemin work.

 Day by day Yuri and Taemin becomes close friend. Taemin fall in love with Yuri because she is kind, cute and nice. Even Yuri is rich she still want to be friend with Taemin. Taemin really want to tell his feeling to Yuri but she afraid that Yuri will hate him.

One day,

Last day of their summer holiday, Yuri decided to tell Taemin her true feeling toward Taemin. She want to tell Taemin that she want a relation that more than friend.

Yuri and Taemin meet at park, place they always hang out together after Taemin finished work.

Yuri : hi!
Taemin : Hi yuri!
Yuri and Taemin : I have something to tell you!
Yuri : (Laugh) you first J
Taemin : oh! It’s ok lady’s first.. J
Yuri : hem ok.. Actually…. Actually…..actually….
Taemin : what?
Yuri : Actually… I love you! (Embarrassed)
Taemin : (Shock) (Smile) really??? Ahhhh I want to tell the same thing too…
I Love you too… not because you are rich..
Yuri : (Crying+Smiling) Thank you… J

And for Ji yeon she also decided to tell Taemin that she love Taemin for a long time, when the school is open.

To be continued~

In this Part 2 i'm using dialog technique to make reader's undertstand the story..
i hope you like it and understand it...
do leave a comment..
to all visitors who pass by and drop awhile here,
i really appreciate it..
Thank you very much..
See ya in the next part..

Davichi -Don't say goodbye (Lyrics)

    (Lee Hae-Ri and Kang Min-kyung)


떨리는 너의 입술을 난
난 처음 보았지
무슨 말 하려고 말 하려고
뜸만 들이는지
슬픈 예감은 다 맞는단
노래 가사처럼
설마 아니겠지 아닐꺼야
아니어야만 돼.

벌써 넌 나를 떠나
니 마음마저 떠나
또 몸마저도 떠나는데
난 몰라 널 잡을 방법을 좀
누가 내게 말해줘요.

오늘밤 그 말만은 말아요
왜 날 버리고 갔나요
나 마음이 아파 가슴이 아파
눈물 차올라요
아직은 안녕 우린 안돼요
넌 그 입을 더 열지마
안녕이라고 내게 말하지마.

차가운 너의 한마디가 날 주저앉었지
세상 무너질 듯 무너진 듯
눈물만 눈물만.

지금 순간이 가면
이 순간이 지나면
영영 우린 이별인데
사랑해 죽도록 사랑한 날
날 버리지 말아줘요.

오늘밤 그 말만은 말아요
왜 날 버리고 갔나요
나 마음이 아파 가슴이 아파
눈물 차올라요
아직은 안녕 우린 안돼요
넌 그 입을 더 열지마
안녕이라고 내게 말하지마.

이별이 뭔지 나는 몰라요
그냥 서럽고 서러워
나 사연이 많아 추억이 많아
가슴 찢어져요.

아직은 안녕 우린 안돼요
넌 그 입을 더 열지마
안녕이라고 내게 말하지마
안녕이라고 내게 말하지마.


Tteorineun neoui ibseurul nan nan cheoeum boaji
Museun mal halyeogo mal halyeogo
Oh~ tteumman deurineunji
Seulpeun yegameun da majneundan norae gasacheorom
Seolma anigetji anilkkeoya oh~ anieoyaman dwe

Beolsseo neon nareul tteona ni maeummajeo tteona
Tto mommajeodo tteonaneunde
Nan molla neol jabeul bangbeobeul jom
Nuga nege malhaejwoyo

Oneulbam geu malmaneun marayo
Wae nal beorigo ganayo
Na maeumi apa gaseumi apa
Nunmul cha orayo

Aji geun annyeong urin andwaeyo
Neon geu ibeul deo yeoljima
Annyeongirago naege malhajima
Chageun neoui hanmadiga nal ju jeo an jeoji
Sesang muneojil deu muneojin deu oh~ nunmulman nunmulman
Jigeum sungani gamyeon I sungani jinamyeon
Yeong-yeong urin ibyeorinde
Saranghae jugdorok saranghan nal
Nal beolriji marajwoyo

Oneulbam geu malmaneun marayo
Wae nal beorigo ganayo
Nan mal eumi apa gaesumi apa
Nunmul cha orayo

Aji geun annyeong urin andwaeyo
Neon geu ibeul deo yeoljima
Annyeongirago naege malhajima
Ibyeori mwonji naneun mollayo
Geunyang seoreobgo seoreowo

Ibyeoti mwonji naneun mollayo
Geunyang seoreobgo seoreowo
Na sayeoni manha chueogi manha
Gaseum jji jeojyeoyo

Aji geun annyeong urin andwaeyo
Neon geu ibeul deo yeoljima
Annyeongirago naege malhajima
Annyeongirago naege malhajima~


I saw your trembling lips for the first time
you try and you try but hesitate to say something
just like the lyrics from a song- sad predictions come true
no, it can’t be- it’s not- it can’t be
you already left me, your heart has left me
even your body has left me as well
i don’t know how to hold onto you- someone please tell me how
* please don’t say those words tonight
why did you leave me? I’m so hurt, my heart hurts- tears are rising
we can’t say goodbye yet- don’t open those lips any wider
don’t say goodbye
at your cold words, i sank down
as if the world crumbled down, tears fell
if this moment passes, if this moment is over
we will be separated forever
i love you, i love you to death-
don’t leave me
* repeat
i don’t know what separation is- i’m just upset
i have so many stories, so many memories-
my heart is ripping
we can’t say goodbye yet- don’t open those lips any wider
don’t say goodbye
don’t say goodbye~

Credit :
             Google images

Here some pitcure of DAVICHI ~

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We were in love - Davichi ft T_ara

English sub~

We used to love, please don't make me cry...
To me, it's only you..
When i close my eyes, i see you - when i block my ears, i hear you....
Please don't leave me....

The person who became a light in my dark life, such a precious person...
A day passes an another passes and long for you more, Even as i sing this song....

We used to love, please don't make me cry...
To me, it's only you..
When i close my eyes, i see you - when i block my ears, i hear you....
Please don't leave me....

You might come back, because you might return,
again today, i wait for you...
You don't know, you don't know how much i'm hurting, even as i sing this song....

We used to love, please don't make me cry...
To me, it's only you..
When i close my eyes, i see you - when i block my ears, i hear you....
Please don't leave me....

If i were to choose beetwen you and the world...
Even if everything is taken away from me, if it's you , i'm okay!
Day or night, i'm thirsty for love..
My unseemly promise to forget you make me cry again, can you hear me?
The only thing i want from you is you..
Without you, i can't do anything...
If you hear this song, please come back , come back...

The more i love, the gaunter i get..
To me, it's only you...
We used to love, please don't make me cry...
Please don't leave me....

Yeah, uh uh , in the end, you turn away and you keep me away..
I threw away my pride and like a crazy person, i followed you..
But my heart urged me on and told me..
Not to lose you, who is the only one in the world...
I pretended to smile, pretended to be fine...
This is the last song i am singing to you...

Please don't leave me....

*enjoy this song...

Cre: Davichi
       TheKpopsubber3( you tube channel owner)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A story to share!

once upon a time .......
namja : i'm sorry .. ='(
yoja : but why????
namja : it's all my fault...
yoja : ????
namja : it is because ..... i fall in love with u...
yoja : (crying) thank u... ♥
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