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My First Love story- Part 2

After a long day holiday, Ji yeon and her friend will begin their second semester. All of them feel so happy because they will meet their entire friend soon when the school is open. They hope they will have a good, happy and great time during their second semester.

First day of their second semester they meet new friend named Yuri. Yuri was transferred from London because of their family business. Yuri born from a rich family.

Day by day, Ji Yeon, Hyun A ,Suzy and Seonhwa become a good friend with Yuri . IU doesn’t like Yuri because she doesn’t like rich people. For her rich people are bad people. But even she hates Yuri she still be friend with Ji Yeon, Hyun A, Seonhwa and suzy.

One week after second semester begin Taemin still absent.

IU : I didn’t saw Taemin.
Seonhwa : yeah me too..
Suzy: Maybe he is sick..
Ji Yeon : Maybe?? L
Yuri: Who is Taemin??

Hyun A : Taemin is the most handsome and popular guy in this school. He also kind and gentle with Everyone… Every student in this school really like Taemin evens he born from poor family. All of our teacher really love Taemin ..

Suzy: And of course all of the girl in this school love him too.. Right ji yeon?
Yuri : Really … wow ! Awesome I like to know Taemin more!
Suzy : huh really?? What do think Ji Yeon?
Ji Yeon: ( Silent and thinking)
Suzy : Ji yeon? Ji yeon!
Ji Yeon : huh … why?
Suzy : What do you think about Taemin.. He’s cute right?
Ji Yeon : hummmm…yes!^^.. yaaaaaaahhhhh …Why me? Haiszzz
Suzy, Hyun A, IU, and seonhwa : (Laugh together)
Yuri : huh? Why?
Seonhwa : (smile) nothing..
Yuri: ……..

Second week of school day…

Finally after a long time missing Taemin come to school. All of student that same clas with Taemin come toward Taemin and ask a lot of question. Then Taemin give a short answer “ My mom sick and I need to take care of her” Everyone in the class become silent and Taemin know that all of his friends care of him. That makes Taemin become happy and more exuberant.

During recess When Ji yeon and her friend go to School canteen, she saw a figure that she really know and she really miss and the person that she saw is TAEMIN!

Seonhwa : eh! That was Taemin right?
IU : Yeh! That was him .. JI YEON!!!!!!
Ji yeon : yeah I saw him .. J
Suzy : Feel happy now?
Ji Yeon : yeah.. J
Yuri : so, that was Taemin ah..

Yuri leave Ji yeon and her friend and walk toward Taemin. While Ji yeon and her friend go to the bathroom.

Yuri : hi Taemin. Nice to meet you. I’m Yuri.
Taemin : oh! Hi.. nice to meet you too.. Hum?? New Student???
Yuri : yeah… I was transferred from London.
Taemin : oh I see..

From the day that Yuri meet Taemin she fall in love with him. Every day she will ask Taemin to meet but Taemin ignore her and give a lot of excuse. But Yuri never gives up.

Day by day. Yuri keeps following where ever Taemin go and whatever Taemin do. Because of that Ji Yeon feels Jealous when saw Yuri always with Taemin. Her friend notice that Ji Yeon had change because of Yuri . Ji Yeon always go home alone and at school she always silent. She only talk when teacher or her friends ask her a question. Taemin also notice the changing in Ji Yeon behaviour.

One day, he ask Ji Yeon to meet. But Ji yeon didn’t come. He send a text to Ji yeon but she didn’t reply. And it make Taemin feel guilty because he had send a letter that can make ji yeon hurt last semester. And he think maybe Ji Yeon mad of him because of the letter.
Suddenly at school, he try to talk with Ji yeon and Ji yeon give a good respon.

Taemin : you mad at me?
Ji Yeon : no. Why?
Taemin : you’ve change a lot.
Ji Yeon : Do i? hummm don’t mind me. I Just a little bit busy lately. Oh the bell is ringing and I need To meet Miss lizzy. Hope to see you again.  Bye. Remember I’m just busy! J
Taemin :  Oh! Hem ok... see you again... hum again?? J Bye.

(With relief Taemin go back to class. And for Ji yeon that was the best moment in her life.)

Day pass by time and they gonna have a summer holiday.
For Ji Yeon this holiday she will work so that she has money for her school and same goes to Taemin and Ji Yeon friend.

This summer holiday is the different holiday that Taemin ever had. Because, Yuri always come to Taemin place where Taemin work.

 Day by day Yuri and Taemin becomes close friend. Taemin fall in love with Yuri because she is kind, cute and nice. Even Yuri is rich she still want to be friend with Taemin. Taemin really want to tell his feeling to Yuri but she afraid that Yuri will hate him.

One day,

Last day of their summer holiday, Yuri decided to tell Taemin her true feeling toward Taemin. She want to tell Taemin that she want a relation that more than friend.

Yuri and Taemin meet at park, place they always hang out together after Taemin finished work.

Yuri : hi!
Taemin : Hi yuri!
Yuri and Taemin : I have something to tell you!
Yuri : (Laugh) you first J
Taemin : oh! It’s ok lady’s first.. J
Yuri : hem ok.. Actually…. Actually…..actually….
Taemin : what?
Yuri : Actually… I love you! (Embarrassed)
Taemin : (Shock) (Smile) really??? Ahhhh I want to tell the same thing too…
I Love you too… not because you are rich..
Yuri : (Crying+Smiling) Thank you… J

And for Ji yeon she also decided to tell Taemin that she love Taemin for a long time, when the school is open.

To be continued~

In this Part 2 i'm using dialog technique to make reader's undertstand the story..
i hope you like it and understand it...
do leave a comment..
to all visitors who pass by and drop awhile here,
i really appreciate it..
Thank you very much..
See ya in the next part..

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