Thursday, April 19, 2012

It hurts me ♡♡

You wear the shoes and sweater I gave you. Walk along the streets with her. As if it nothing, you kiss her. You spray the cologne I gave you and embrace her. I’m sure, you will repeat those promises you made to me with her. L
    It hurt me so much when I think about you, think about the memory that we have shared together and those promises you gave me do you still remember it? It hurt me when you act normal and nothing when you look at my tears. You act like usual and continue to talk calmly. You couldn’t deny that you have no regrets or attachment. You said it so cruelly. L

   You are no longer your old self. Because, you that I loved and you now are so different. No way! I can’t recognize you anymore. You’re not mine anymore because you’ve changed a lot. Did you have to change? Can’t you back to your old self?  Why? Why do you have to change? Can’t you keep loving me? L

   It’s seems that we are already too late. Has our love already ended? Please, at least say anything to me. Even if it’s a lie, please tell me it isn’t so. I guess we truly loved each other. Can’t we not go back? It’s hurt me a lot. L

   Oh! It is the end? It seems that I really not in your heart anymore. I just stood and cried as I watch you getting far away. It so hurt so say goodbye. L

Note: inspired by 2NE1 song title “it hurts”. This story just a fiction story. J

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