Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Only you❁

It’s only you that I value that is my friend. I even know you by your eyes. Even it’s hard and tiresome but you always next to me. We like a pen and a notebook that full of empty spaces. You’re constant like the moonlight and unchanging like the starlight. Even it’s hard let’s always be together.

      I love and miss the time we spent together in school. I miss the day when we walk together to go back home and sometimes wait for the car together. I miss the time that we laugh and cry together. I miss all the time that we spend together and create a wonderful memory.

     When it’s difficult and painful lean against me. I’ll definitely wipe your tears. I will be always there for you. I will always become your strength.

    Let’s not change. Even if time passes, let’s not pass by each other. From now on, let’s know each other though by seeing each other eyes (in our heart). Let’s hold hand, no matter what happens let’s never let it go. Let’s be friend that depend on each other.

      Our harmony that has another colour like DO RE MI FA SO LA TI DO. The boundless days will become memories like yesterday. Sometimes we are tired and we fought but I know that we love each other and we need each other. It’s only you I value. The person I’ll be with for the rest of my life. I’m thankful for you. I love you. Thank you my friend.

Note: inspired by Secret song title “Friend” Ost Master of study. Most of all this is from a deep of my heart to my friend. I’m really grateful to have you all as my friend and be your friend. THANK YOU chinggu!

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