Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Sometimes… we make mistake, you know? Sometimes… you will feel like a broken angel on the ground and no hope anymore. You will feel the world is so cruel to us. Then you will begin to give up and tears fall down. Same goes to me. Sometimes things doesn’t happen as I wish then I begin to give up. Crying all day and all night.
But now I have grown up. More mature than before and more strong than before.

Because, first failure doesn’t mean the end of everything, but it is the beginning of everything. I set in my mind, that we still have tomorrow.

What has happen last day we make as a history. Enjoy the day that we have today.
Tomorrow, we still don’t sure what will happen just pray for a good day. If we fail today, correct the failure on the next day.
Scream and say “I can do it”.

There’s gonna be shine after the rain. When you fail, don’t give up! Do it again and again until you success. Keep running because there is no such thing “STOP”, keep going until the end and achieve success.

You will get the best based on your effort.

Enemies everywhere… haters everywhere… Who care! Close your ears and listen only to what you want.

Nothing can stop us from fulfilling our dream. We will be on top! Further, further, a better tomorrow is waiting for you.

So don’t ever give up and remember there is still tomorrow… Insha’AllahJ

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