Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thank youღ

That day, I walk alone at the park with my tears fall down on my cheek. That day, was the most miserable day for me. That day, you said we are not destined and not belong to each other anymore. You said that you’ve found another girl that really suit to you. I cry as hard as I can and screaming on my heart. It’s really hurt to accept the thing that you’ve said to me. Are we really done here? Was our relation that we build over 3 years end here? You are bad.

     But now, I’ve grown to be strong girl. I’m really thankful to you because being my first love. The day that you say we are not destined to be together has turned me into a new girl. Because of you I become mature and ready for the new world that may give me happiness or sadness. You teach me how to through the sad and hard day.

     Now I’m happy with my husband. After you leave me god send a saviour to me that is my husband. He is a nice guy, lovable and my hero. I hope, you also found your destiny of life. Once again thank you for the miserable day a.k.a my valuable day. THANK YOU~

Note: this story is only fiction that I made based on our daily life.


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