Sunday, June 3, 2012

Love in the Rain

The rain falling down by my window,
Reminds me of you and our memory,
With the tears flowing in my heart,
I try to erase you in my memory.

I know you are listening to this sound of rain,
You whom like the rain too,
Do you still remember me?
the one who love you.

                   Love fall down with the rain,      
memories flow along with the rain,
Along with the sound of the rain I remember you again.

Tears fall down with the rain,
After you moisturized my hardened heart,
You left me along with the rain.

When you look at the rain,
You said it saddens you, just like the rain,
Our love too, now is said to be just like the rain.

Even though you already left me,
Even though you forgotten me,
Please remember me again, as your best memory.

Hope you be happy, no matter where you are,
Hope you be smiling, no matter where you are,
I hope this sad love story like a rain will end.

Just you don’t forget this,
My hope that to love you.

Love in the rain :)

note:inspired by cn blue song title "Love in the rain" best !
awwww...imissunamjachingguizhar~ ahohoho


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