Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oh my!

I only think of you even after our phone call
I’m busy all day but I can only think about you
What do I do?
You playing shy in front of me is so cute
I’m so happy.


My only hope it is you
I will love you forever


I want your heart
The same heart, same word that is I love you

I think about you all night
Your eyes, your nose, everything about you
Your reflection behind me from the mirror

In my dark room, only your picture shines
My red heart full of your scent
It’s brighter today than usual

 To be honest I love you
Word’s aren’t enough to express my heart, I only love you



Note : fiction story, inspired by B1A4 song title “Chu Chu” J
#sorry for the long time missing.busy. :)

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