Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We fail to learn, we learn to grow up !

Failing. Making mistakes. Falling down. Messing up. These words fill many of us with fear and dread, with embarrassment and shame.

“Failure is an inescapable part of life and a critically important part of any successful life. We learn to walk by falling, to talk by babbling, to shoot a basket by missing, and to color the inside of a square by scribbling outside the box. Those who intensely fear failing end up falling short of their potential. We either learn to fail or we fail to learn.” – Tal Ben Shahar, The Pursuit of Perfect

View failure as  feedback.

When something doesn’t go according to your plan, take the time to digest what happened.  See it as a challenge and an opportunity to learn more from it and grow up. Get curious about “how” and “why” the failure happened.

Curiosity will help you to find more and more about the problem that cause your failure. Curiosity will help you to solve your problem and teach you to be mature than before. Then, you will be more hard work on doing something to avoid failure happen again to you. You can also overcome every failure that bump into you.

Fail early and fail often

“We can only learn to deal with failure by actually experiencing failure, by living through it. The earlier we face difficulties and drawbacks, the better prepared we are to deal with the inevitable obstacles along our path.” – Tal Ben Shahar, the Pursuit of Perfect

Based on the phrases above I can conclude it’s better to have failure first than success.
This is because, first failure make us become stronger for the future. When we can face the first failure in our life Insha’Allah we will overcome anything that can harm our life to gain success. First or early failure will make you strong and help you to prepare yourself in facing problem in the future.

Don’t worry to fail often, because the more you fail in your life the more strong you are. You will be more hard work to get a better life. Fail often doesn’t mean you are weak but it’s mean you are strong to have problem.  

In a nutshell, we fail to learn and we learn to grow up. To achieve success is not easy. You need to pass all the difficulty in life. You will do some mistakes and failure. You will be embarrassed with every failure that you’ve done. ‘There will be sun after the rain’ it’s mean you will find your happiness and will success after the hard day. Set ambitious but attainable goals and expect to achieve many of them in your life. Imagine your path to success not as a direct line from here to your goal, but as a winding path, always moving towards your goal, but with deviations and explorations that increase your learning.

note: i'm sorry uf there is any typo error... and sorry for the grammar mistake because i'm still learning
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