Monday, March 14, 2016

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Tanjung Aru Beach at Tanjung Aru Kota Kinabalu sabah.
*hanya sekadar hiasan*

Life could be a torture for you if you do not appreciate it.
i'm a normal human being,
sometimes i will feel down, depressed and many more negative feeling,
this feeling comes due to the hormone, surrounding, etc.

Sometimes, i just feel like to runaway from all of this, from school, people and all of it.
If only travelling is free, maybe i already far away from here.

But running away from problem can't solve a problem,
Thus you must face it.

Here a bit advice from me,
When ever you happen to have a problem follow this simple step to overcome it *just my own opinion and experience*
1)  As for Muslim pray to Allah for some guidance. *same to other religion based on their religion*
2) Take a deep breath
3) Think clearly
4) Identify what your problem is
5) Ask people *family,friends,colleagues,counselor,Bf/Gf,etc* for oppinion
6) Take action when you know the problem *find a solution*

other than that you may go out, traveling and enjoying the nature to lessen your depression.

Don't be to stress about your problem,
any problem have it own solution.
Depression may lead to bad thing so overcome it wisely.
i'm sure no one want to end up their life badly. ^^

this entry just for myself reminder. if you want to take it as part of your happiness step it's okay and thankyu. if you don't like it i'm sorry and thankyu for reading. spread the love :)

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